21 Best Foreplay Tips for Men that Spice Up Your Sex Life

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Foreplay is crucial for men and women before initiating sexual penetration. It helps women warm up and get in the mood letting sexual arousal. As the anatomy of a woman is quite different and complicated than a man and there is orgasm gap in them, foreplay helps a man and woman orgasm simultaneously and get complete sensual fulfilment.

An in-depth understanding of foreplay tricks and techniques can help both men and women ace the game of lovemaking and achieve orgasmic pleasure. When you hook up with a high-rated Lucknow escort girl, she will provide you the highest level of sensual pleasure with super-exciting foreplay and sex session.

#1. Make Your Room Tidy and Smelling Pleasant

A clutter-free room with dimmed light, scented candles, and slow music being played on makes the pleasant ambience wherein you and your partner can enjoy sex.

#2. Take Time to Undress Your Sex Partner

Taking time to undress your love partner or an escort in Lucknow is more stimulating and seductive. Caress every part of her as you slowly undress her and touch her body parts, giving gentle strokes.

#3. Start with Kisses and Sucking Boobs and not Clitoral and G-spot Stimulation

Men should start with kisses, gentle caressing, sucking and rubbing boobs rather directly stimulating clitoris or G-spot by fingering. It will help in sexual arousal of your chosen high-profile Lucknow escorts as lady love.

#4. Slow Down and Build Expectations

As women take time for sexual arousal, you must slow down the pace and take time to tease and excite various erogenous zones that build a high level of anticipation.

#5. Ask Questions about Her Likes

If you are confused and don’t know what she likes, it is better to ask her questions about the same. High-class Lucknow call girls will be glad to show you the things or ways of foreplay that she would love and get incredible erotic pleasure.

#6. Start Foreplay out of the Bedroom or the House

When you start foreplay in room other than bedroom or in a hotel room, it heats up things and produce more excitement and fun.

#7. Get Thoroughly Cleaned and Look Sexy

Before you avail Lucknow escorts service from a high-class model escorts or a college girl, you should be cleaned, well-groomed, smell pleasant that will arouse your sex partner. She will appreciate your efforts.

#8. Let Her Take Charge If She Wishes

If you like always to be in charge of woman and your lady love or escort wants to initiate sexual activities or foreplay, let her take the charge. It will turn her on and you will be surprised.

#9. Kiss Her the Right Way

Kiss is one of the crucial part of foreplay that arouses women. You must know to kiss her on lips, neck, cheeks and ears the right way that is gentle but firm.

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#10. Purchase New Sex Toys

Including some sex toys like vibrators, dildos, penile rings, and butt plug will make the foreplay with Independent Lucknow escorts hotter and more intense.

#11. You can Start Foreplay with a Loving Message or Sex Chat

Many men wrongly believe foreplay can only start in the bedroom. If you take time out in the evening to send her a loving (dirty) message, it will arouse her desires and let her be prepared for lovemaking.

#12. Start with Sex-inducing Love Letter

Although letters have become a thing of past with the rise of electronic communication, you can deliver her a hand-written letter communicating your love and strong feelings.

#13. Include Sensual or Erotic Massage in Foreplay

Sensual massage helps a woman get relaxed and feel loved and adored. You can include a slow and sexy rubdown that would titillate her.

#14. Practice Better Self-Control

Exploring your body, knowing the point-of-no-return and ways to last longer will make the lovemaking game longer and more enjoyable for women.

#15. Do Some Dirty Talking That Gets Her in the Mood

Some ladies prefer to hear some dirty talks and some would love a lot of that. Find out what she would like to hear and let your words heat things up.

#16. Discuss Your Sexual Fantasies to Her

Women or your preferred call girl in Lucknow providing escort services Pinki mishra would love to her what you fantasize about any sex activity involving them and how she could fulfil the same for optimum sensual pleasure. Discussing male’s fantasies with her will let her open up and arouse her sex drive.

#17. Include a Basic Foreplay Tool Kit

It is best to build or have some foreplay kit that will spice up things and build a desirable momentum of sexual arousal. A basic foreplay tip should include an excellent water-based lube, a basic vibrator for her and bondage toys like a blindfold or soft wrist restraints. It will let you look well-prepared.

#18. Use Internet to find out super-exciting ways of Foreplay

You can do a meticulous research on the internet and find out new ways of foreplay that will enhance your knowledge and lead to optimum sensual fulfilment.

#19. Provide Her More as Per Her Desire

Engaging in a few sex sessions with your choicest escort girl in Lucknow providing escort services or sex partner will let you know what she likes and how she would love to get the sensual treat. You can use the tried and tested methods even it seems as a routine and offer her more of what she likes.

#20. Enjoy with some Hot BDSM Activities

You can include some BDSM activities like light biting, spanking, restraining during the foreplay that will make her more romantic and arouse her senses. Check it out for yourself and heat up the things with these activities.

#21. Learn to Forego Foreplay and Dive Deep Directly At Times

At times, she would be already excited to have sex with you when you should know to forego foreplay and dive deeper. Foreplay is not important at all times, when you and your partner have less time or you understand that there is a sexual connotation and the mood is already built up.
Using these thoughtful and invaluable foreplay tips will help you let your woman turn-on and get orgasmic sexual pleasure leading to complete sensual fulfilment.

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