Sex Positions You Can Try with Lucknow Escorts for Maximum Pleasure

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Entertainment-starved people have many reasons to hire professional escorts. Some desire dating elite and curvy models while some crave to choose them as party or tour companions. Many desire to get their sexual lust satiated by Lucknow horny escorts.

However, many pleasure seekers get so nervous as to forget what sex positions they could enjoy or how they could fulfil their craziest erotic dream with a stranger in bed. Some people don’t have enough knowledge of erotica to explore the new ways of getting unlimited fun and entertainment from their choicest independent escorts . Read this blog further to get enlightened and enjoy exploring the sensual pleasure from these sex positions.

#1. The Deep

Want to reach deeper into your lady love and provide the G-spot stimulation and experience maximum sensual pleasure from her?  You must try the Deep sex position with your choicest Lucknow new escorts. All you need to do is to let her lie on her back and get her ankle on your shoulders. Lean towards her at an angle supporting yourself on your hands kept at the side of the body and your knees on the bed. Also called G-Whiz or the anvil, it allows deeper penetration and maximum erotic pleasure.

#2. Women on Top

Many pleasure seekers love to get their women on top and enjoy super exciting and deep penetration. If you are in the same league, you need to lie on your back and let your dream girl sit on you with her back facing you. In this case, the escort will move up and down while you enjoy the fun and excitement of her sex services. You can enjoy it with your favorite Lucknow young call girls.

#3. Screw

In this position, you let your preferred Lucknow college call girl lie on her side while you will be on top of her. You will be on your knees and thrust your horse into her vagina stimulating her for orgasmic pleasure. You can kiss her, massage her breasts or enjoy grinding into the vagina.

#4. The Bridge

It is a difficult sex position in which your escort lies on her back on all her fours while her back faces the ground. You get onto your knees and enter into her grabbing her waist or her thighs closer to you with every thrust. As it requires balance and flexibility on the part of the escort, it can lead to intense sexual pleasure.

#5. The Fusion

The Fusion is a variation of Cowgirl in which you sit cross-legged and lean back on your hands. Your erotic partner sits on the top of your legs facing you with her legs stretched and back bent. Also known as tantric sex position, it lets your escort take charge and can slow or speed up things according to her desires.

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Hire luxurious escort girls or excellent escort services near you in Lucknow and try these sex positions with your escort to get heavenly sensual bliss. Make the most of your escort’s committed services and enjoy your trip and passionate lovemaking sessions to their brim.

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